I’m fiddling with it

Hi.  My name is Melinda.  I’ve been a blogger since 2005, but I’ve been using Blogger.  I keep seeing that WordPress is the way to go, the way to blog, that you can do “so much more” using WordPress.  So I have challenged myself to learn to use WP and to use it well.  So, if things look “funky” or out of whack, that’s why.  I’m playing with my blog, and “fiddlin’ with it.”  Please understand that eventually, it will all look “normal.”



P.S. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to learn to use different technologies.


Unusual Pottery

Boo attended a white elephant party a few weeks ago, and came home with this unusual pottery set.  I’m trying to find information on it.  If you know, feel free to send me in the right direction. 


Public Service Announcement

I had a bunch of errands to run yesterday, one of which was to pick up a thermometer for Boo’s science experiment this week. So I decided to do my own little experiment, because it was HOT yesterday. 

This first picture is when I got the thermometer out to the car. I wanted to make sure I could take a picture of the red fluid, and I wanted a picture before the thermometer got too hot. 

This second picture was after I left the thermometer on the seat and went inside for about 15-20 minutes. 

You can tell it was really getting warm. The other thing to note is that I had the windows down about 4-6 inches. 
This next picture is from when I went into the grocery store for about 45 minutes. I left the thermometer in the window. 
So here’s the PSA. Do not leave your child in a vehicle. It gets hot. Do whatever it takes to keep your children safe. 
And if you see a child in a car alone, call 911 and report it immediately. 
Off my soapbox now.