How I got roped into this madness

How I got roped into this, or why I think my husband is crazy.  This started two years ago.  Some friends of ours at church raced in the MR340 in 2018.  They loved it.  They talked about it all the time.  They got other people interested.  To the point that last year, they had a 6 man canoe.

It was interesting.  It was very much a study in group dynamics.

But last year got snowed out.  Yes… you read that right.  The MR340, the race that should have been held in July, then August, got snowed out.  Technically, it snowed so much in the winter of 2018 into 2019, that the river flooded and was too high to race safely.  The date got pushed from July, to August, to September, to October.  In November, 4 brave souls attempted the race, with the caveat that they had to be as close to 36 hours as possible.

1 crossed the finish line.

I was done by October (and honestly, probably September).  I just wanted it canceled so I could have my husband back.  So I could have my weekends back.  I was in a pretty bad mood about it, and wouldn’t have been a good ground crew member.

So… what to do with the boat we got for Dale and Little Bit to race this year?  Well, Dale still wanted race.  But Little Bit… she decided she’d rather climb a mountain with the church youth group.  So there’s an empty seat.

I will do just about anything for my family.  That includes sitting in a very small canoe, for a very long time, because it will make my husband happy.  I laughingly joked that we had been trying to take a vacation together for 3 years now.  I just didn’t think it would be like this.

But that means I have to start training.  NOW.  We have 26 weeks (?) left.  I started last week.  We watch a YouTube channel called 340 Paddler.  He has training suggestions and outfitting your boat and all sorts of useful information.  I got a brand new bike and I’ve already started riding.  15 minutes at a time.

So we’re going to start trying to chronicle our journey together.  Dale has been made an administrator of my blog so he can add his own posts as he wants.  We’re going to … I don’t know.  This is the place we’re going to work together.  Follow along if you want.  Otherwise, I’ll see you on the river.



This is the finish line.  Yes, I have a map of the Missouri River on my dining room wall.


This is my brand new bike.  It’s about 3″ taller than my Navi that I passed on.



We’re doing a thing

Dale and I are doing a thing.  This is the first post as a test.

Go here to check it out.

Photo by David Murray Chambers on Unsplash