Family night

We’ve started having family night on Mondays. Tonight we played D&D as a family. Boo was our DM.

Reasons I love Dale:

143. He has a twisted sense of humor sometimes.

144. He can calm me down when I lose my temper.

145. He loves our girls. All 3 of them.

146. He’s willing to be flexible as needed.

I’m sorry. I’m falling asleep while writing. I’ll need to stop here.




Reasons Project

Alright, I’m going to write about something different and a bit happier now.  I’m going to write about my husband.

It’s surprising to me how many people are actually reading this little project of mine.  I hope that it shows that anyone can change their attitude towards their significant other, simply by how they choose to celebrate them.

I will admit it’s rough at times.  He still frustrates me at times.  But I can recognize that sometimes, it really is how I choose to look at things.  Or it’s hormones.  I’m finally mature enough to realize that sometimes those pesky female hormones actually do affect me way more than I like.

But I think over all, I’ve made progress.  I do try to see things from his perspective.  We do talk quite a bit more.  I still love him.

Alright, on to the mushy stuff.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day, and I’m already sleepy.

Reasons I love Dale:

110. The way he explains difficult things to me.  If I’m having trouble with a concept, he helps me figure it out.

111.  I love his crinkles around his eyes.

112.  He is aging quite nicely.  Salt and pepper looks good on him.

113.  Somewhere along the way, he’s gone from being insecure in his field to having almost a management mentality.  I’m proud of him for this.

114.  He rides the bus so that I can use the car if needed, but also to save money.

115.  He eats leftovers for lunch.

116. He falls asleep sitting up.

117.  He goes to school things if faire or work interferes with me attending.

118.  He knows how to make a dollar stretch.

119.  His love of TV crime shows, like NCIS or CSI or JAG.

120.  His love of fantasy and science fiction books.

121.  His predictability.  Yes, this occasionally makes me frustrated, but I’m choosing to see it as a blessing tonight.

That’s all I have, and I really need to go to bed.  I’m going to attempt to get up at 5:30 with Boo tomorrow morning to try riding the bus to her college campus.  Wish us luck!




Busy busy busy

It’s the last two weeks before faire starts. It’s the last push to learn lines, verses, music, etc. Tweaks to the costume and characters. Add in work and church. Plus add in that we started Little Bit in public school this morning. And I’m currently waiting on Boo who is enrolling in community college right now. 

I’m swamped. And tired. 

I’m still working on this list, because I think it’s that important. I just have to work on it when I can. 

Reasons I love Dale:

100. His integrity. 

101. His persistence. 

102. His patience. 

103. His ability to sight read any part. 

104. The way he stops what he’s doing if I simply need a hug. 

105. His tenderness towards the girls. 

106. His ability to know when I need more or different help than he can give. 

107. His tenderness towards me. 

108. I love how he tries to explain his work to me. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. But that doesn’t stop him from trying. 

109. The way he makes me laugh. 

Okay, that’s all I have for now. I’m going to try to sit patiently and wait on Boo. But I’d rather be sleeping. 




I am distracted beyond belief right now.  Facebook is such a time suck.  I was supposed to have this post written an hour ago, and instead, got sucked into the void of trying to figure out someone’s name.

Rehearsal for faire is going well.  The Singing Princesses got a few more lines today, which was nice.

We started cleaning upstairs.  6 bags of trash.  Multiple boxes.  Princess is still such a big part of our lives, that little things make Boo and I hurt.  One day, she may understand.  Until then, I have to rest in the knowledge that I did my best, and she made the decision to leave.  Not me.

On to happier topics.

Reasons I love Dale:
57.  I love how good he is with our girls.  He really tries to be a good daddy and help them when he can.  Boo is hurting, and he just took her out to dinner.  Nothing more than that.
58.  I love how he is a morning person.  He makes getting out of bed a little bit easier.
59.  I love how he uses his talents at church.  I miss sitting with him sometimes, but I know he is serving God in one of the best ways he can.
60.  I love how he doesn’t really know how to take a selfie.  He tries, but fails.  But he also lets me take his picture whenever I want.  And I love that about him, too.  (61)

Okay, I think it’s time for me to go to sleep now.  My eyes are starting to cross.  lol


Days off

Why do my days off still seem to take so much time?  I go and go and go and by the end of the day, I have done so much that it doesn’t feel like a “day off.”  Anyway, I digress.

I almost didn’t write this, but I have several people who have told me that it is encouraging them.  Good.  That’s an encouragement to me.  So I will continue.  I’m not giving up.  But I am entering the busy season of my year.  So I will need extra accountability to stay motivated and diligent.  Okay?  Okay.

Reasons I love Dale:

53:  He gets excited talking to me about D&D characters and plots.  We’re in a game together, but I haven’t been able to make it the past two times.  He loves telling me about what happened.  And he loves helping me with my character.
54:  He is very analytical and logical.  His thought processes almost always seem to be linear.
55:  But the reverse of that is that he is willing to listen to me when I jump from topic to topic to topic.  As long as I can tell him why I’m jumping.
56:  I love the way his eyes sparkle when he laughs.

Alright.  It’s time for sleep.  I’m going to help Boo clean upstairs tomorrow, to help ease some of the pains of Princess’s departure.  That starts with black trash bags, good music, and lots of chocolate.  Maybe a tear or two.  And quite a few hugs.  But it also starts with getting a good nights sleep.  So until tomorrow.