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Oreo Lasagna

This is for my bikeschool and fmfparty friends on Twitter.  I must be crazy, but I try to participate in two different Twitter parties every Thursday night that of course, meet at the same time.  Chocolate was involved in both discussions tonight.  I mentioned that this recipe came across my Facebook feed tonight.  Only problem is that there was no link to the original poster.  My friend Bing helped me locate it.  I present to you:  Oreo Lasagna via The Halfbaked Life.  Please pay her a visit, drop in, and tell her how wonderful her dessert looks.

Lasagna for dessert…ABSOLUTELY!! This Oreo Lasagna is perfect for a pot luck dinner, family dinner or end of summer party!!


Serves 16
Prep Time – 10 min
Total Time – 4 hr

1 package oreo cookies
4 tbsp. butter, melted
8 oz reduced fat cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp. skim milk
12 oz fat free cool whip
6 Snack Pack Fat Free Chocolate Pudding cups (or make 1 package of chocolate pudding)

1.Spray a 9×13 casserole dish with nonstick spray
2.In a food processor, or in a zip closed bag, crush the Oreo Cookies (I used the bag version and it was super easy without all the clean up of the food processor)
3.Set aside 1 cup of crushed Oreos for topping
4.Combine remaining crushed Oreo’s with melted butter
5.Press buttered Oreo’s into the bottom of the prepared dish
6.In a small bowl whip the softened cream cheese using a handheld mixer until light and fluffy
7.Mix in sugar, milk and 1 1/4 cups of cool whip until well combined
8.Spread cream cheese layer over the Oreo crust until smooth and even
9.Layer chocolate pudding in an even layer over the cream cheese
10.Spoon remaining cool whip over pudding and gently smooth
11.Sprinkle on mini chocolate chips
12.Place in refrigerator to chill for at least 4 hours but overnight is best
13.Serve & ENJOY!!

Each serving is 8 WW+ points
Nutritional Info
Calories 309 Calories from Fat 127 Total Fat 14.1g Saturated Fat 7.0g Cholesterol 20mg Sodium 265mg Potassium 46mg Carbohydrates 42.9g Dietary Fiber 1.0g Sugars 28.4g Protein 3.5g
Vitamin A 6% – Vitamin C 0% – Calcium 7% – Iron 6%
Nutrition Grade – D

What is kinesiology tape?

So one thing I’ve been introduced to since I started running is this thing called kinesiology tape.  My wonderful chiropractor (Hi Dr. Brannon!) started wrapping my ankles with a brand called Rock Tape.  And then in an effort to cut costs a little, I tried using a brand called KT Tape and then KT Tape Pro.

I thought you might be interested in a little review.

Basically, I can’t get the KT tape or the KT pro tape to stay on for more than a day.

Dr. Brannon wrapped my ankle last Friday with Rock Tape.  It is STILL on. 

KT tape is more readily available.  You can find it at places like CVS Pharmacy.  But it just doesn’t last.  I don’t know if I’m not putting it on correctly (but I’m pretty sure I am), or what, but it slides off within the first 24 hours.

Rock Tape is harder to find.  I’m only seeing that I can buy it online.

KT tape comes prepared in strips that you don’t have to cut.  Rock tape doesn’t. 

But Rock tape just lasts longer. It is even a bit more stretchy.

Plus, it comes in fun colors like … tattoo.

Well, that’s it.  My fun little review.  Thanks for stopping by.


New family member!

This is a story I simply have to tell before I do anything else.  I’m gonna burst with excitement.

So last week, Wednesday to be exact, Dale is on his way home on his bike.  He called me and said, “I have a follower and I’m not sure what to do.  Can you pick me up?” Okay, I’m on my way.  But as I’m driving to pick him up, I’m thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts.  We had been watching Flashpoint, and I was terrified he had been kidnapped. 

I pulled up, and he showed me the little black dog that had been following him.  She was as sweet as all get out.  We were able to take her to the vet before they closed for the night.

She had a microchip.

Which is good for her, and good for her owners, but bad for Dale.

For that 30 minutes that the dog followed him, and my coming to get him, and taking her to the vet, Dale had a dog. 

My silly husband who protests that he doesn’t like animals  got attached to a dog.

I asked him Thursday night if he wanted to go look at a shelter, and he insisted he didn’t.

So, we’re sitting on the couch just chilling out Saturday morning, when I looked over to see what he was doing on the computer.

He was looking at dog pictures.  ROFLOL

So, I got him and the girls up and out the door.  First we went to Brookside Barkery and Bath, where one of the local shelters was showing and adopting dogs.  We almost came home with Drummer or Charley Horse.

Next, we went to Wayside Waifs.  We went up and down their kennel areas.  We looked at all the dogs.  We picked 2 to meet.  Dolly and Holly.  Dolly was a cattle dog mix and loved her toys.  Holly looked like a whippet mix, and was fairly shy.  We played with both dogs.  We ran outside with both dogs.  We couldn’t decide.

But the good thing about Wayside Waifs is that they want you to have a dog-to-dog meeting before you adopt.  So regardless, we had to go back to get Nana.

Keep in mind, we left our house at 10:40.  When we got back into Independence at 2:00, we decided to go have lunch at our favorite restaurant Square Pizza and talk about which we liked best.  We picked up Nana and got back to the shelter at 3:00.

As we were walking in the door, Holly and her new owners were walking out.  Oh well, and congratulations. 

So, we did the dog-to-dog meeting with Dolly.

Surprisingly, we didn’t know Nana was a herding dog until we saw her herding us.  First she herded Dolly away from us, then she herded us away from Dolly.  We had lots of concerns with having two dogs, and asked lots of questions on how to handle the two of them.

But at 5:30, we left the shelter with Dolly, that Dale has re-named Skye. 

Meet the newest member of our pack!

The thing about cattle dogs is they have a LOT of energy.  They are what César Millan would call “high energy.” One of the best ways to get rid of that energy so that you don’t have destructive behaviors is to give them lots of exercise.  So Dale and I have been waking up early (5:00 am) to walk both dogs.  We’ve been increasing our distance every time.  We walked just over 2 miles this morning.

Skye looks like she would have a lot of fun on an agility course, but that probably won’t happen until next spring after we’ve had some time to work on her with training.  We know that she loves chasing tennis balls and Frisbees.  And already, all of us have spent more time outside exercising with her than probably in the past month. 

She is a good addition to our family, but more importantly…..

Dale has a dog.


Odd Week

So, this week, my oldest, Boo, has been attending a computer app development camp.  It’s a girls only camp this week.  Dale wanted her to attend so that at the very least, she has an basic understanding and knowledge of how computers work.  She has to be there at 8:30 am.  Since we normally start school around 9:00, and since we aren’t normally traveling 30 minutes away, that pushes my exercise into a smaller narrow time frame.

Which means I haven’t ridden my bike this week.  😦

It also means that I haven’t been keeping up with Little Bit’s school work very well either.  Hopefully, we can get on a good solid schedule next week, when camp is over.

At least I’m still running every other day.  Speaking of, I joined a group on Facebook called the Women’s Running Club.  It has been wonderful.  There are all kinds of runners, and they give so much advice.  Like today, everyone started talking about the Nike+ app.  I haven’t even used it yet, and I have 25 friends!  I really appreciate everyone there.

Well, I need to go.  I’ve got a few chores to do before we go pick up Boo.  Have a good day everyone, and remember, no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch!  : D


Days without soda: 2
Bike miles: 16.04
Running miles: 8.56

53 days left til race day!