Testing. This is a second test post. Teaching yourself can be difficult, but rewarding. http://ow.ly/i/CkDcu


I’m still here

I haven’t forgotten about my project.  I’m just fighting exhaustion and double pink eye.  I’ll try to write four days tomorrow morning when I can actually see.


A. Non. O’Mouse

Facebook is notorious for one person doing a thing, and then everyone else doing it, too. Sometimes, it’s very hard not to cave to peer pressure. 

The recent fad is an anonymous app, where you can leave a comment for someone else, either compliments or criticisms. And it’s completely anonymous, right? This wouldn’t be used for bullying at all. 


Well, I’m not signing up for it for a number of reasons. One, I have this blog. If you want to leave me a compliment or a criticism or anything at all, this post is for you. 

Fire away!



Long day

It’s been a very long day. I worked a promo for festival. I got to walk around City Market with “Scarlet Blades,” and hand out coupons. Which would not have been an issue, except for the heat. 100* and that’s without the heat index. 

But then it was time for work. Not an issue. Except I think I got heat exhaustion again. I’m so freaking tired. I have to pull some of the stock out every night that I close. It’s normally not a big deal, but there was so much to pull, I was up and down ladders all night. 

Long story short, my feet hurt and I’m ready to fall asleep. 

Reasons I love Dale:

20. He’s very supportive of me. He lets me follow my whims. 

21. He likes to play games. We like playing board games and card games. I’m waiting up for him to come home from D&D. 

22. He gives good back rubs and foot rubs. 

That’s all for tonight. Enjoy your family, hold them tight. And love them deeply. 

Hugs, Melinda 

Rehearsal Weekend

Sorry I’m so quiet, but it’s rehearsal weekend for faire, and quite frankly…. I’m tired.  I will return to writing “upon the morrow.”

However, I am grateful for Advil and quiet mornings.