Busy life

I’ve been busy. I had an accident in February. I’m okay, and the car has been repaired fully, but I realized on Wednesday this week, that I was still sore. So I went to my chiropractor for an evaluation. Guess what? Whiplash.

My neck muscles are pulled towards the right.

So, after visiting Dr. Mark on Wednesday, Thursday, today and probably tomorrow, and every day next week, I don’t have a lot of extra time for coding in the morning. I’m still trying to go through Free Code Camp and take notes, but it’s hard to squeeze that time in.

Today, I used the Py learn to code app on my phone to get that learning time squeezed in. It’s a free download, but I’m considering paying for the full version. I haven’t decided yet. The one big benefit I see so far from this one is it explains things in a way that Grasshopper wasn’t. Plus, it has more than just JavaScript and Python.

(Please forgive me. I just read through the last two paragraphs and realized how awful they sound grammatically, but I can’t seem to fix them. I’m too tired.)

Okay, on to what I learned today.

A Boolean is something that is either True or False. The operator or resolves if either side is true. The operator and resolves if both sides are true. So True or False = True. But True and False = False. I’m not sure I’m explaining it correctly, and it took a couple of tries to get it straight in my head. But this is important.

Boolean expressions include if statements, elif statements, and else statements. If statements will run if they resolve to true. Else statements run if the if statements are false. And elif statements are basically daisy chained if statements. But not really. For example, the following is an if statement:

a = true

b = false

if a or b:

print (“string”)

I also learned about lists, append, and pop, but I wasn’t able to write down notes. I took screenshots, but I can’t seem to interpret them at the moment.

Well, that’s all I have for the moment. My lack of time is not just for coding. It goes for any area in which you want to improve yourself. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to grow? For me, I have had to drastically reduce the amount of “time wasters” I was visiting. I have a serious social media addiction, that I have to try not to mindlessly scroll. But I was also watching an obscene amount of Netflix.

Oh brother. I’m rambling. It’s late at night. Wasting time is another blog post on another day. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief rambling snippet.