It’s almost time

I’m almost one month away from working on my super secret project for a full year. You know. The one about why I love Dale. (You can find it here.)

This morning, I compiled all of my posts into a Word document. Without any editing, it’s 46 pages. Not as long as I’d hoped but longer than I anticipated.

Regardless, I’m not finished, and I hope I never am.

I can tell it really did change my attitude, this attitude of gratitude for my husband. I hope he can see the changes in me and in our marriage that I’ve tried to make. Because I love him. And he’s worth fighting for.

Reasons I love Dale:

221. He’s generous. I said I needed a hard copy of a study book. He bought me four.

222. He puts family first. We were supposed to go on vacation. My sister asked for help and he didn’t hesitate. So we’re doing a semi vacation instead.

223. He’s forgetful. But I’ve come to understand that it is because he is always thinking of a hundred different things at once and he gets distracted.

I’m going to try to write more, but I’m waiting on a bus.

The bus came. I got on. I got off. It’s eleven billion degrees outside.

224. He’s thoughtful in his own way. The study book he got me not only has a discount code for the test, but it also has practice software. It’s going to be very useful.

225. He likes to grill. Which means I don’t have to cook for like a week.

That’s all I have for today. I’m trying to cool off and get ready for work and study in my new amazing book. Have a good day everyone.



The pictures are of when he first got to meet Avonlea. She’s not too sure of Uncle Dale, but he bought her a teething ring she loved.


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