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Well, hello there.  It’s only been a month.  I’ve been so busy that my little bitty blog kind of gets ignored.  I’m sorry about that.

So I’m jumping back in to writing with Five Minute Friday.  I’ll write on the prompt tonight and then tomorrow, I’ll try to write a catch up post.  A lot has happened in a month.

So Five Minute Friday is hosted over at the Five Minute Friday blog.  She gives us a one word prompt that we all write on for 5 minutes at a time, no editing.  Then you go back to her blog, you link up and you comment on the post ahead of you.  Let me think…  I think that’s all of the important things.  Link, prompt, blog, comment… Yep, that’s it.

Today’s prompt is SECRET.


And GO:

I have a secret.  I have a huge sweet tooth.  Of course, that’s probably obvious if you’ve ever met me.  My size sort of gives it away.  But I love candy.

I have a secret.  I love to take pictures of people.  I’m not that great at it, but I love doing it.  I’ve been taking pictures for what feels like a long time.  It’s fun to see where I used to be, and where I’m coming up to.

I have a secret.  I watch R-rated movies sometimes.  The language is rough, and there’s a lot of unnecessary violence usually.  But sometimes there is a good story buried in there.

I have a secret.  I have always wanted to be a writer.  But I’ve never had anyone tell me my writing is good.  I have a dreadful fear of green ink because of the editing an English teacher did.

I have a secret.  I fight depression.  It’s more than just feeling “sad” at times.  It can be an overwhelming crushing weight on my soul.  I often have to remind myself of why I am still around and why I still choose to live.

I have a secret.  I am a sinner.  My sin doesn’t look like your sin.  That’s because it’s my sin.  I will own what I have done wrong.  I confess it before God.

And because He loves me, He forgives me.  Not because of anything I did, but because of who He is.  He is the Lord of all.  He sent Jesus to take my punishment.  And Jesus paid that price.  And then he rose up out of that grave.

And that’s not a secret.  That is something I will shout from the rooftops.  Jesus loves me and I love him!  Thank you Jesus. Thank you.




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16 thoughts on “FMF – Secret

  1. Love this, my friend! I have most of those same secrets. If I could remember song titles, I’d ask you if you’ve heard _______ by Chris Rice that talks about how everyone’s sins are equal in God’s eyes. But I can never remember song titles. Thank you for your honesty!

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  2. Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. I loved where you went with this prompt friend. So glad to see you back here. And I’ve got a huge sweet tooth too.

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  3. I LOVE this post! We could totally be friends! I also think we could have a great conversation on R-rated movies! I subscribed and even though I’m totally new to your blog- I look forward to your catch up post already!


    • It’s good to meet you. Thank you for stopping by. And thank you for subscribing. I … um … sort of forgot to write my catch up post? I guess I should do that before I go to work this afternoon. Have a great day.


  4. Yep, I share most of these secrets and a whole lot more! Thank goodness for the love of Jesus! Thank you for your transparency Melinda. It’s so relatable! Cindy #fmf

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    • Thank you? I’m sorry. I don’t know that I was being that transparent. I’m just being myself. I’m glad you liked my post. Have a good day.
      Hugs, Melinda


      • I didn’t mean anything other than you were letting us see the real you. I’m sorry if I chose the wrong words to express that. I meant it as an admirable thing.


        • You didn’t. Just several people had said that, and I’m a bit confused as to why. I’m just me. I write from my heart. Hopefully, the me you see online would be the me you would meet in real life. But you didn’t offend me at all.


  5. You are a good writer, Melinda. You have a voice and perspective that the world needs. I’m always glad when I get to read and ponder one of your posts.

    I’m a candy lover, too. Oh, man. Give me all the M&Ms and the Reese’s.


  6. Dang friend! Yes!
    love this approach to sharing about the prompt.
    I have a fear of red ink…but the times that I experienced that most was in my writing in French…I once received a paper back that was about 70% red, a little distressing, so I feel you on that one.
    and the reminder about sin, YES YES YES.
    I’ve missed your writing. Love you

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