Daylight savings time

Today is the start of daylight savings time.  I’m so sleepy today.  But not as much as Dale.  He spent all night working on computer changes for his company.  All night.  He started at 11:30 and got to bed at 6.  (Well 5 if you don’t count the time change.)

I don’t understand the reason behind DST.  I’ve heard all sorts of reasons why we have it.  I don’t get it, but I’ve always had it.  I do remember when George W. Bush signed a … oh, I don’t even remember what it was, but it changed the DST change time to later in the fall and earlier in the spring.

There are a couple of issues, like going to work when it’s still dark, and the animals getting hungry before it’s time for their dinner.  I miss the sun.

Okay, time for a story.  The story of how Dale and I met.

Dale and I actually met at The Tempest. Except that it was a musical production. And it was AWFUL. We met during intermission because we had a mutual friend. I was sitting on the front row by said friend. He sat down beside me. We started talking and continued talking through the entire second act because we couldn’t get over how bad the music was. A week later, he walked up to me at school and said, “I don’t want to date you right now.” We’ve been married 21 years now.

Reasons I love Dale:

190.  He’s a hard worker.  I know I said that yesterday, but I mean it.  When he is asked to do something, he goes all in.  He puts his everything in to the work.
191.  He’s aging gracefully.  I know that’s the kind of thing we normally say about women, but Dale is maturing into such a handsome man.
192.  He likes to ride his bicycle.  He hasn’t ridden long distance in a long time, but he does enjoy it.
193.  He reads the Bible with passion in his voice.  I love listening to him read.

That’s all I have for tonight.  I love him so much.



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