I didn’t forget

Well, I almost forgot.  It’s been a long day.  I went to a career fair that was sort of a waste of my time.  I finished a whole section in my studies.  I did the dishes.  I got my daughter to register to vote.  It’s been a long day.

Alright, time for a little Bible study.  The verse is Isaiah 43:18-19.  For tonight, I’m going to start with the New Living Translation.  I generally use NIV, but I like variety.

18 “But forget all that—
    it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
19 For I am about to do something new.
    See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
    I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

And we’re going to just start with the very first part.  “But forget all that.”

Well, you know what?  We can’t start with verse 18.  We need to go further back.  In verses 16 and 17, the Lord is talking about the things He had done for Israel before, such as parting the Red Sea and drowning the Egyptians.

But in verse 18, He directs us to “forget all that.”  The rest of the passage goes on to talk about He’s going to do even more for us.  But what do we need to forget?

You know, I want to forget every time I’ve yelled at my kids, or Dale.  I want to forget every time that I’ve had an unkind thought.  I want to forget every time I’ve had a broken heart.

But I don’t want to forget the beauty of the sunrise or the sunset.  I don’t want to forget the miracle of the birth of my babies.  I don’t want to forget any of the wonderful and marvelous deeds of God my Savior.

But He’s going to do something more.  I just know it.  I feel it in my bones.  God ain’t finished yet.

Reasons I love Dale:

168:  He is overwhelmingly caring for me.  If I’m sick, he wants to take care of me.
169:  He’s actually a very good cook.  He made chicken for dinner tonight.
170:  He’s ridiculously smart.
171:  He has a good voice.  I love when he sings tenor.
172:  He always takes a moment or two to talk to me during the day, even just through text messages.
173:  He will take time when he gets home to talk to me about the day. It’s becoming one of my favorite parts of the day.

Okay, that’s all I have for tonight.  I’m a bit sleepy.

And does anyone have any suggestions for our anniversary?  We haven’t got anything set in stone, other than we both have the day off.  I don’t want to do just dinner and a movie, because that’s what we always do.  So, I’m open to suggestions.  Thank you.


Again, thanks to Michelle of M. Smith Portraits for our couples pictures.



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