Well, hello there.

Hello there, little blog.  It’s been awhile since we’ve talked.  Let me see if I can catch you up a little bit.

No, I didn’t get the job I posted about, even though I felt like I did fabulous on the interview.

Yes, I did set up a functioning network.  Not only that, but I have actually expanded it, and then made a private network and a public network.  (At the moment, they are still talking to each other.  I’ll be changing that in the very near future.)

No, I haven’t stopped writing, but I have had to take a break, because I am trying to study like a crazy woman to get this certificate.  No I haven’t finished yet.  Yes, I am learning new things.  Like virtualization and VMware and datacenters and all that jazz.

Yes, Dale and I are still married, and still struggling, and still learning new things about each other.  For example, Dale likes listening to political commentaries.  This is a new thing, I think.  Tonight, he is listening to one on Thomas Jefferson.

No, I’m not planning on auditioning for Ren Fest this year.  But yes, I will be going to Ren Fest.  As a staff photographer!  I’m actually very excited about this.  I’ve even set up a Facebook page just for this purpose.  Gardner Photographix if you care to take a look.

I’m trying to remember what else I need to catch up on.  To be honest, I’m so tired, I can’t concentrate.

So, the purpose of this little post is two-fold.  One is to catch you up on all the news.  The second is to start counting again.  I’ve noticed that when I don’t count, I loose sight of the fact that I love Dale, and I get grumpy and nit-picky and just over all unbearable to live with.  It’s been almost 2 months since I counted any reasons, and a week ago, we had a huge fight.  Which resulted in a beautiful conversation a few days later, but the argument was ridiculous and stupid and a waste of time and energy.

Our anniversary is Thursday this year.  March 8.  We’ll have been married for 21 years.  I have officially been married to Dale for half of my life.  So, my gift to him (that he won’t see for a while), is to start again.  I may have some repeats, because I’m not going to go and re-read all 162 reasons right now.  That’s my gift to me, to give myself some grace in this endeavor.  But my gift to him is to keep on counting.

Reasons I love Dale:

163:  He can teach me all about networking.
164:  He has a strong moral compass.
165:  He will listen to me gripe and complain about my coworkers.
166:  He will help me cook dinner.
167:  He loves me.  No matter what.

I’ll write more tomorrow.  I also want to start processing and studying Isaiah 43:18-19 tomorrow.  The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that God did give me the word NEW as my one word for the year.

Alright.  It’s been a long day, so I’m going to sign off for now.  As always,


A special thanks to Michelle Smith of M. Smith Portraits for our wonderful Valentine’s Day and anniversary portraits.  She does wonderful work.  Thank you.