Today’s Lessons

Today’s lessons was how many times can you configure a router and not get it working right.  You know that saying, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is a lesson in futility?  That was my lesson today.

I also learned that a wireless bridge is next to impossible to configure if you’ve never done it before, and that an access point is easy.  But only if you have the cable.

And that stairs are a hard place to run cable.

But I also learned that perseverance pays off.  Today, the network for my church is one network instead of 3 separate ones (preschool will be added soon), and extended the range on the network.  And we have a game plan for adding VLANs and guest networks.

I’m excited.  Strange, but I am.

I need to go to bed because I have an interview tomorrow.  I’m really nervous and really excited.  But no matter what, all glory to God, right?



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