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This post is the first FMF of the new year.  This is Five Minute Friday, a flash mob of writers who gets together every week to write for five minutes at a time on a given one word prompt.  For more information, join us over here.  This week’s prompt is Motivate.  


It’s a new year.  It’s a fresh start and a new beginning and a clean slate.  (Thanks Mollie.)  It’s time to find your motivation and start anew.

So what motivates you?  Is it money?  Power?  Fame?  (I’m gonna live forever.)

Or better yet, why do you need a fresh start?  Clean Slate?  What mistakes or problems or traumas happened in 2017 that makes you desire a fresh start in 2018?  For me, the last two weeks have been rough.  I’ve been sick for over a month, my dogs got into a huge fight, and I lost my great uncle on Dec 31.  I want a new beginning.

What motivates you? Is it family?  Is it love?

Or is it God?

I think my biggest mistake this past year is in allowing myself to draw away from a relationship with our heavenly Father.  I find myself missing that, missing Him.  But He didn’t move, I did.

So my motivation for 2018 is to draw close to God.  To not shirk away from being His child, and to be brave in Him.

For years, my favorite Bible verse has been “whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord.”  (Colossians 3:17)  This year, I will try to focus on that, to focus on Him.

Because He is my motivation.


May the new year find you blessed with a clean slate.



8 thoughts on “FMF – Motivate

  1. So sorry for your troubles, Melinda. And I know how tough it can be to deal with fighting dogs.

    Years ago, when I only had five, there was a fight called Annie Vs. the World, in which a scatterbrained Pit named Annie took on two Pit-mixes, a shepherd, and a coonhound. Eight hundred stitches later Annie was home, and having to be kept in quarantine (with a T-shirt!) thus missed The Great Canine Wine-Tasting Party (precipitated by my dropping a 4-liter jug in the kitchen).

    Don’t think she ever forgave me that.

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    • Oh my goodness! That sounds both hilarious and sad. 800 stitches? 😦 I love my dogs. I don’t know how to “fix it.” So we’re trying to just live with it. :\

      (((Hugs))) Melinda


  2. Melinda a great reminder that He doesn’t move – we do. So sorry about your great Uncle. 2017 was a great year for us but 2018 has started a little hard – two uncles diagnosed with bad cancers this month, I visited one aunt the day after Christmas not expected to live, and well I’m undergoing some tests myself.

    I’m not sure how anyone gets through life with Him because I sure could not have walked through some of the valleys over the years without Him guiding me and holding my hand.

    Love your verse and your words, and praying each one of us will walk closer with Him this year than ever before. Blessings!

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  3. Sorry for all the hard things you’ve been facing recently. Hope 2018 is better! And yes, having God as our motivation and focus makes such a difference. My word for the year is focus and I’m hoping to work on keeping God at the centre of my thinking. Visiting from FMF #19.

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  4. 2017 was hard for me. A whole lot of changes and I don’t do change very well. There were days when I couldn’t feel God. I wondered what had happened. Your words – I moved, He didn’t. Isn’t it strange how easily we wander, even though we know we need to stay close?

    Here’s to 2018 being a year of remaining in His shadow.

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