Date night

Dale and I realized this past year how important it is for us to spend time together, just us. We’ve spent so much time being Mommy and Daddy, that we needed to be Dale and Melinda again. So we started dating again.

It’s little things, like going to the grocery store or running errands together, but it’s also seeing a movie or playing games. We decided to join one of Dale’s coworkers in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

We meet about once or twice a month with some other friends and beat up bad guys and rescue good guys and try to find treasure. It’s a lot of fun. Dale, I think, appreciates when I ask him questions and he gets to explain it to me. I love spending time with him, watching his nerdy side shine.

Tonight, he started his campaign.

Reasons I love my husband.

129. He’s a nerd and a geek, and he’s not afraid to show it.

130. He agonized over all the details in order to get this campaign just right.

131. He is very sensitive to when I need help. We weren’t done, but he ended the game because I didn’t feel good.

132. He likes to try to leave a place he’s visiting in the same or better condition than when he arrived.

133. He conducts music. It’s usually in the car and usually to music only he hears, but I love watching him.

134. He will do most of the driving if I ask him to. But he also lets me drive if I ask.

135. He’s careful of the bumps. He tries very hard to avoid the bumps in the road when he knows they are there.

I love my husband, and I love our date nights, no matter how unconventional they are.