Where the rubber meets the road

This is where it’s going to start getting tough.  Sure, it’s easy to whip out a list of the top ten reasons I love my husband.  But it’s going to get harder the longer I go.  Reason 500 might be difficult to find.

But that’s why I’m doing this.  To find the beautiful reasons in the hard times.  To find reason 657 I still love him.  But pardon me if I start repeating myself.  It’s not intentional.

Reasons I love Dale:

91.  He takes the long road in order to make my journey easier.
92.  He very rarely complains.
93.  He very rarely gets angry about anything.
94.  He has a servant’s heart.  If he sees something that needs to be done, he does it, no questions asked.
95.  He loves to go stargazing with me.  He’s actually a bit of a nerd when it comes to it.
96.  He loves to read.  But…..
97.  His eyesight’s getting worse, so he has these readers to use.  He actually looks pretty cute with his glasses.
98.  He can’t find anything.  This usually aggravates me, but I’m thinking about it in relationship to his reading glasses.  He solved the problem of not finding them by buying multiple pairs.  Same with his Carmex.
99.  His little “routines” that he doesn’t even realize.  Like getting ready for bed.  It’s sit down on the bed, take a sock off, rub his foot, switch sides, take the other sock off, rub that foot.  He’s cute when he does that.

I must be on a roll today.  I just meant to have enough for yesterday and today, and instead I have enough for tomorrow as well.  That’s fine.  Hopefully it will make getting to reason 893 a little easier.