Catching Up

Travel on Tuesday, make up rehearsal on Wednesday, sisters rehearsal last night.  I’ve been busy.  Plus fighting a double pink eye infection where I can’t even focus on the computer, it’s been hard to write.  But I’m going to try to catch up right now.

Reasons I love Dale:

77.  He loves me enough to let me pursue my passions.  He’s been my support behind being part of Ren Fest.
78.  He loves driving.  He did all of the driving to and from Louisiana this past weekend.
79.  He’s thoughtful.  He didn’t listen to music or hardly talk to me at all on the driving trip there.  Because he was thinking.
80.  He likes mornings.  Little Bit is starting public school next week, and has to be on the bus at 6:35 am.  He’s volunteered to get up at 5:30 to get her going in the morning.
81.  He’s willing to share the load of running the household, since we’re both working.
82.  I love the way he loves to tuck in his girls every night.  Boo hasn’t been tucked in for several years, but he still tucks in Little Bit when he can.
83.  He doesn’t smoke.
84.  He doesn’t drink
85.  He loves my gray hair.  He says he doesn’t see it, that it’s just brown to him, but I know he says that because he loves me.
86.  He loves to study.  He’s good at his job because he does a lot of study.
87.  He wears shorts in the winter.
88.  I know that he doesn’t talk about it much, but I love him for the service he gave to our country.  I’m proud of his short lived military career.
89.  I love his taste in TV shows.  We like watching NCIS together.
90.  He’s my protector.  When there’s something that scares me, he takes care of it for me.

That’s all I have for now.  I’m headed to work.