Dale’s grandmother passed away yesterday around 3 am.  This was not unexpected.  She was 95 and had been ill for so very long.  We got the news around 6 am.  We laid in bed for another 30 minutes deciding if we were getting up or not.  We left home about 8:15.

Granny was such a beautiful lady.  She became my “Granny” after Dale and I got married.  When we moved from the Kansas City area back to Louisiana, Dale’s father, Boo and I would go see her almost every day.  She was extremely hard of hearing, so the TV was always cranked up to a ridiculous volume.  She let us move our mobile home onto her property.  We tried, in our small way to take care of her as long as possible.

She fell several years ago and broke her hip.  At that point, she had to move into a nursing home.

I really wish we had still lived here.  I know they serve a purpose, but I really dislike nursing homes.  And I hate how each time we went to see her, she was just a little … less.

I also greatly dislike the condolences this time around.  Our loss is her gain.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Philippians 1:21  (NIV)

She is so much better off right now.  She’s not in pain.  She’s not starving herself to death.  She’s coherent and she’s standing in the presence of our maker.  If you’re going to say “I’m sorry for your loss,” please understand that I’m not.  I’m actually jealous of her.

But on to Reasons I Love Dale:

67.  He is a good long distance driver.  He drove the whole way to Louisiana.
68.  He is a good song leader.  He seems to know the balance between slow songs and fast songs, standing and sitting.  He is a good leader.
69.  He likes the rain.  It’s not rain unless it’s pouring down.  It’s usually just “sprinkling” to him.
70.  He smells nice.
71.  He has a very ironic sense of humor.  I love listening to his corny jokes.
72.  I like the way he prays.  I can’t remember if I’ve said that one or not, but it holds true, regardless.  He has a relationship with God that I envy, and is one of the reasons I fell in love with him in college.

So that is yesterday’s list and today’s list.  Hopefully, I will get to a list tomorrow evening, after the funeral and reception and all the people.  Don’t look for one on Tuesday, because we’ll be traveling back home.

One thing I’m trying hard not to do is to say “I love Dale because of this.  Except when….”  I think that has been part of my descent into negativity, and it defeats the purpose of this list.  So, no conditions.  I love Dale.  Always have.  Always will.



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  1. I’m praying that, as you gather with family, you’ll all be able to share funny stories and good memories. You’re right, she’s with Jesus now and, though you’ll all grieve and miss her, she’s whole and happy.


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