I am distracted beyond belief right now.  Facebook is such a time suck.  I was supposed to have this post written an hour ago, and instead, got sucked into the void of trying to figure out someone’s name.

Rehearsal for faire is going well.  The Singing Princesses got a few more lines today, which was nice.

We started cleaning upstairs.  6 bags of trash.  Multiple boxes.  Princess is still such a big part of our lives, that little things make Boo and I hurt.  One day, she may understand.  Until then, I have to rest in the knowledge that I did my best, and she made the decision to leave.  Not me.

On to happier topics.

Reasons I love Dale:
57.  I love how good he is with our girls.  He really tries to be a good daddy and help them when he can.  Boo is hurting, and he just took her out to dinner.  Nothing more than that.
58.  I love how he is a morning person.  He makes getting out of bed a little bit easier.
59.  I love how he uses his talents at church.  I miss sitting with him sometimes, but I know he is serving God in one of the best ways he can.
60.  I love how he doesn’t really know how to take a selfie.  He tries, but fails.  But he also lets me take his picture whenever I want.  And I love that about him, too.  (61)

Okay, I think it’s time for me to go to sleep now.  My eyes are starting to cross.  lol



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