A. Non. O’Mouse

Facebook is notorious for one person doing a thing, and then everyone else doing it, too. Sometimes, it’s very hard not to cave to peer pressure. 

The recent fad is an anonymous app, where you can leave a comment for someone else, either compliments or criticisms. And it’s completely anonymous, right? This wouldn’t be used for bullying at all. 


Well, I’m not signing up for it for a number of reasons. One, I have this blog. If you want to leave me a compliment or a criticism or anything at all, this post is for you. 

Fire away!




3 thoughts on “A. Non. O’Mouse

    • True, and I didn’t express what I really wanted to, because I was writing on my phone. I’m going to have to go back and edit. But if being anonymous means that they can say what they want, then more power to them.

      In other words, this is my way of jumping on the bandwagon, without jumping on that bandwagon. lol


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