I’m sleepy

It’s been such a busy weekend, but I don’t want another moment to go by before I write this post.

Reasons I love Dale:
44.  He helps me make a household budget and tries to help me stick with it.
45.  He likes to play fetch with Skye.  He acts frustrated by it sometimes, but I’m pretty sure he likes it as much as she does.
46.  He does what he says he will do.  It might not be on my timetable, but he does do what he says he will.  (Example:  He moved the bed that Princess used downstairs into Little Bit’s room.)
47.  He loves the word of God.
48.  He is very supportive of me and my role at the festival.
49.  He is not a great teacher, but he is willing to teach.   He’s willing to teach me.  And that makes me love him even more.

Alright, I’m going to drop.  I’m so tired.  Hopefully, I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow.



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  1. I’m really enjoying reading these gratefulness lists. They give me a glimpse into your life and remind me to take the time to be thankful for my own wonderful, flawed, fabulous, infuriating husband. 🙂

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