End of the Day

It’s finally the end of my day.  I got to go to the zoo with a friend.  Then I had to work.  It’s been a really long day, and I’m ready to head towards bed.

But first, Reasons I love Dale:

50.  He kisses me goodbye every morning.
51.  Sitting on the couch watching TV together, with his arm around me.
52.  He made the menu plan for the week without any prompting from me.  🙂



One thought on “End of the Day

  1. I really am so glad that you’re plugging away in this. I’ll join you:

    Reasons I love Chris –

    1. He bursts with love and fun for all the kids he meets, many if whom come from homes without dads.
    2. He dreams up designs for furniture pieces and then builds them.
    3. He’s really funny.
    4. He prays for me at midnight when I can’t sleep.

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