I’m frustrated 

Part of being involved with Ren Fest is the gorgeous costumes. I feel like a princess every time I put on my gown. 

For our faire, our costumes are due July 4th when we walk in a parade. Finishing touches are done after the parade. 

I still don’t have my costume. 

We’re holding the coronation ceremony tomorrow at 2. And I still don’t have my costume. And I don’t know what to do. 

I’m so stinking frustrated. 

Reasons I love Dale:

41.  He listens when I’m frustrated. Sometimes he tries to fix it, but he mostly just listens. 

42.  He does fix some things. He installed the shower and the kitchen faucet. 

43.  He likes my cooking. I haven’t done a lot of it lately, but he does like it. 

Okay. I need to actually pay attention to rehearsal now. 




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