Time to Catch Up

I am very thankful for my friend who is keeping me accountable.  I got distracted and forgot to write my posts on Dale.  Thank you K for keeping me in line.

I have 3 days to make up for, so here goes.

Reasons I love Dale:
29.  He waits up for me if I’m running late.
30.  He lets me drive him to work if he’s running late.  Some days, it’s the only time I get to talk to him.
31.  He cooks a good hamburger.
32.  He likes to go camping.
33.  He likes to sleep with the fan on.
34.  I love the way that he likes to get up and leave REALLY early when we are traveling.  It means I get to sleep just a little longer.
35.  I love the way that he says “rain” isn’t “rain” but “sprinkles.”
36.  I love the way he reads the Bible.
37.  I love the way he prays.
38.  I love how he walks on his tiptoes when he’s barefoot.
39.  I love how he indulges my whims.
40.  I love how we both love musicals, even if they aren’t the same type of musicals.  We fell in love talking about Phantom of the Opera.

Thank you for reading.  I know it’s not as much fun as maybe my regular posts, but I still feel it’s necessary.



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