Interesting work day

Today was a very interesting work day.  We had a severe thunderstorm last night and quite a bit of our town is without power.  Which shouldn’t be that big an issue except for the overwhelming heat and humidity.

We have fans.  We have a lot of fans.  Little personal pocket fans, desk top fans, pedestal fans, tower fans, the fancy dyson fans.

And battery operated fans.

After the third person in about an hour asked me where they were located, I had a brainstorm.  I gathered all that we had left and put them in a cart by the front door, along with the appropriate battery size.  We had maybe 20ish when I got to work at 1.  We sold out of them at 6.

There was other interesting things that happened, but I can’t really say, because it might be a procedural change and it is a safety issue, so….  you’ll just have to be curious.

I need to wrap up.  My eyes are bothering me and I need to go to sleep.

Reasons I love Dale:
23.  He loves God.
24.  He is industrious.  He knows how to work hard and knows how to play hard.
25.  He loves me in spite of my quirks.

Have a good night everyone.



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