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They’re here!  They’re here!  They’re here!  My writer friends from all over the United States.  They are in Kansas City this weekend.  Unfortunately, I can’t be a part of the FMF Writers Retreat, because I have to work and do Ren Fest things.  But I hope and pray that they are collecting new sites and sounds and memories that will hold them through the years.

I have really enjoyed my time writing with FMF.  I have collected more thoughts and words than I ever thought I had.  I have collected the title of writer.  I have collected new friends.  I have collected an over abundance of ideas.

I wish I could be with them at the retreat.  But since I can’t, then I will collect my pennies for the next retreat.  (Next year, Kate?  Please?)  😀

I will collect memories and stories that they share.  I will hold their words close to my heart.  I will pray for their time in my city.  I will pray that their hearts do not collect sadness but joy.

I love my collection of writer friends.  Happy writing my dear friends!  Enjoy your weekend.  😀


This post is part of Five Minute Fridays, a collection of writers who write on a one word prompt for five minutes at a time.  This week’s word was collect.

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4 thoughts on “FMF – Collect

  1. I love you’re words of encouragement. I need to collect pennies for a future writer’s retreat (even if I have to start off with an at-home, solo writer’s retreat, until I can do more).

    I’m glad you’re part of our writer’s collection.

    Keep growing. Keep collecting. Keep writing.

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