Double Duty

I have to post a double amount today.  We’ve been at VBS all week, plus I’ve been working a lot this week.  (I’m scheduled for 35 hours this week.)  Add into the mix of Ren Fest stuff, and you can see why I needed to go to bed early last night.  lol

Reasons I love Dale:
14.  He gives great hugs.  And he gives them without hesitation.
15.  He is a good kisser.  Sorry if that grosses you out, but I think it’s important in a marriage.
16.  He doesn’t mind snuggling with Little Bit and Boo on the couch.
17.  He’s strong.  He doesn’t always remember how strong he is.  But He’s got a lot of strength in his arms.
18.  He’s protective of me.  He has watched me like a hawk ever since I got sick right after Boo was born.
19.  He’s very logical.  Maybe to a fault sometimes, but he balances out my irrationality fairly well.

I’m done for tonight.  I’ll try to think of three more for tomorrow.  While this project is slightly challenging, it is helping me change my thinking processes towards my husband.  It also helps that I have an “in real life” friend that is keeping me accountable.  (Hi K.)

If you are facing difficulties, I would like to encourage you to try this exercise.  Keep a gratitude journal.  3 things every day.  You might be surprised.