Forgiveness is an important aspect of any marriage.  I thought I was going to have an issue writing tonight, because I got hurt again.  But part of my therapy is recognizing when I’m overreacting.  Not in those words, but that.  So tonight, I give you another list of three things I’m thankful for.

8.  Dale has soft hair.  I like running my fingers through it.
9.  I like holding his hand.  It’s strong, and makes me happy.
10.  He knows how to say I’m sorry.  And he’s willing to do so when he’s in the wrong.
11.  He always lets me know when he’s running late.
12.  He crinkles his whole face and his eyes when he smiles.
13.  He has a nice smile.

Alright.  I’m headed out to rehearsal tonight.  This season has been tough on me.



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