Sunday Morning 

I’m trying to listen to the sermon this morning. I’m trying to connect with the words I sing and the words I read. But I’m just so tired. I slept better than all of last week, but it still wasn’t enough. Will anything ever be enough again?

I have to admit that part of the disconnect is within myself.   I started the year strong and on a high note.  I was reading the Bible every day, I was praying, I was focused.  I felt incredibly close to God.

But somewhere I got turned around.  Maybe it was the new job.  Maybe it was lack of habit, or even more concerning, lack of conviction.  All I’m really certain of is that for the past 3 months, I haven’t felt as close to God.  As a result, everything else has been off.

So, I’m not saying I’ve had a revelation or anything.  I’m not even saying that I’m at a point that I’m going to do better.  What I can say is that I recognize that *I* am in my own way, and that *I* need to change.

That’s a step forward, isn’t it?



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