What is success?

I found an opportunity that I’m hoping will prove beneficial.  No details yet, because I don’t want to “jinx” it.  However, in doing research for the possibility, I’ve been watching several videos and reading multiple articles, mostly centered around defining success.

What defines success for you?  For me, it’s mostly a sense of accomplishment.  According to most of the articles I’ve read this morning, it’s hard work and determination.  It’s interesting to me in these business articles that success is not really defined by money, although that is one measurement, but how well you work within a company and how you work with what you are given.

That’s actually where I’m at in this job search, this career search.  What have I been given to use, and how can I use it effectively to help my family be successful?  Which opportunity will be the best for me?

Anyway, back to reading.  Have a successful day, and may you be grateful for every opportunity you have.


I am grateful for medicine like Advil that helps get rid of headaches.


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