My year, so far. An update.

Alright I’m home from fireworks, festivities, and fellowship.  I’m going to try to summarize what’s been happening, and over the next few days/weeks, make a plan or outline of how I’m going to be moving forward.

Basically, this year has cost us upwards of $6,000 already, and it’s not slowing down.  There was a major storm on March 6 that caused some extensive hail damage to our house.  The same storm spawned a tornado that destroyed several homes about 15 miles from here, so I’m grateful we only had hail damage.  But the cost of replacing the roof, a wall of siding, and windows required that we had to take out a small loan in order to take care of the repairs that the insurance wouldn’t cover.

The result is that we (Dale and I) decided that I needed to find a source of income.  Which meant that after 15 years of not having a paid income and a lot of volunteer positions, I had to put together a resume.  I wasn’t worried about finding a job, because I’m willing to do just about anything.  So, I’ve been working since March 22 at a box store that will remain nameless so that I can continue working there.

It’s a good job.   I really like it.  I get to help people.  I get lots of steps in, and I get to practice being friendly (even when I don’t want to, just like at Faire), and it seems like they like me there.  I even made employee of the month last month!

It’s only part time.  And even though it’s part time, it’s enough that we’ve decided to let Little Bit go to public school next year.  With that and Faire, I’m busy.  And yes, we’ve considered a whole host of options.  She has decided that she is excited to go, because “if I’m around Christians all the time, how can I bring others to Christ?”  Her 12 year old heart amazes me.

However, when our neighbor banged on the front door yelling about our tree and threatening to sue us because a branch fell on his roof, I panicked.  Dale and I decided that the all the roof issues, tree issues, car payments, and two girls who need to go to college, that I needed to consider finding a full time job.

The problem is that I don’t want a “job.”  I want a career.  And now the question is, how does a 41 year old woman who has volunteer experience, but no paid experience go about finding said career? Because quite honestly, a degree in theater just isn’t going to go very far.

So there are three things I have been looking for.  Something I enjoy doing and that I am good at, something that can make money, and something that won’t take away from family time.

It’s scary!  To not know which direction to go, to take care of your family, to factor in any extra learning you might have to undertake.  Because to be certain, if you pursue a new career, there will be school involved in some sort of fashion.  From online courses, community education, maybe even going back to college.

So while it’s scary, at the same time, it’s almost awe inspiring because of the possibilities.  I could go back to school and study just about anything!  There are some limitations, primarily physical, but I could study anything I wanted.  (I can’t be an astronaut.  I’m too old.)

For your amusement, I will include a list of some of the careers I’ve considered this past week:

  • sonographer
  • court stenographer
  • conductor
  • opera singer
  • DevOps manager
  • manager
  • teacher (music or English)
  • programmer
  • chef
  • photographer
  • Uber driver
  • historian
  • veterinarian
  • librarian
  • sign language interpreter
  • bartender  (but I don’t drink so I don’t know that that would work. lol)

All of those are going to take time.  A lot of time, and a lot of study.  Not that I’m opposed to it.  I’m actually at the right time of my life to undertake a new career.  I’m just not very patient, so I tend to want the results right now instead of 5 years from now.

Dale and I went on a date yesterday, and we were talking about my options.  Again.  He made a statement that just made my heart soar.

“Why don’t you write about your journey on your blog?”

Can I?  Can I really?

We then had a talk about how I have a book inside me — I know it’s there — and about how to make money from a blog while writing my book.

To finally summarize this long story, I am going to still work at the store, but I’m also going to be working on my writing.  I found an online course that I am going to take to help me polish my writing up.  The days that I’m not at the store, I will be on my laptop either studying or writing.  I’m going to be looking into how to make money on my blog.  (I apologize in advance for paid posts and advertisements that will pop up in the future.  I will try to maintain a level of professionalism in my writing, but I have to pay the bills somehow.)  And I’m going to be trying to find writing opportunities that I haven’t explored before.

In short, I’m going to try to treat the business of writing as a business.

What is my career?  I’m a writer.  I always have been.  Now, I’m going to let the world know.



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