Noticing part 2

Today was a very interesting day.  Boo was spending the night with her cousins last night, so Little Bit was a bit downhearted.  So, Dale decided he knew exactly how to cheer her up.

He took her out to a back woods country road, and let her “drive.”  Keep in mind, she’s 11, and she was sitting on his lap, and there pretty much was no gas applied, but she “drove.”  It was quite funny to watch.  I do have pictures, but I don’t want to load them tonight.

On to the details I noticed for today:

  1. The smell and sound of bacon cooking.
  2. The hum of the tires on the road.  The road sounds different in Louisiana than in Missouri.
  3. Little Bit’s face as she was “driving.”  She was so scared.  She kept saying it was fun, “once I got past my paralyzing fear.”
  4. There were some people flying model airplanes.  One of them was doing barrel rolls.
  5. I got my hair cut today.  It feels so much lighter and cooler and bouncy.
  6. Dale embarrassed me in front of a bunch of people.  My face was very red and warm.
  7. Boo’s face when she finished her Christmas book.
  8. We learned how to play a card game with my mother in law and her husband today.  One of the details I noticed was how I was confused on scoring points.  Another detail was just the joy in winning a round.  The frustration at not getting the right cards, but the happiness at doing well.  I guess I’m slightly competitive.

That’s all for today.  Tomorrow is girls’ day with my sister in law and niece.  I’m actually pretty excited about it.  We haven’t had vacation in so long.  This trip has been fairly nice.  I can’t wait for Thursday when my other sister in law and brother in law will be here.  🙂

Have a good evening.


[eta: My oldest, Princess, called while I was in the middle of writing this.  For about 3 different reasons, she wasn’t able to join us on this trip.  But the reason I mention this is because I want to remember the frustration and the anger in her voice.  She can’t seem to catch a break at work and feels as though she has gone from “friend” to “just a co-worker.”  And I’m not there to give her a hug.  Life isn’t fair.  I wish I could help her, and I’m afraid this is one of those life lessons that everyone has to learn.  Anyway.  That would be detail #9.]


3 thoughts on “Noticing part 2

  1. Love your powers of observation!’

    You brought back a memory…a calculus class I took in college had an early-morning time slot, and there must have been a kitchen (or hot plate!) nearby, for there was always the smell of bacon cooking, I was SO tempted to cut class some mornings and hunt it down!

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