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Joy to the world! The Lord is come!

I have been reading Ann Voskamp’s book, The Greatest Gift, which is basically readings about the Advent.  I have never read anything about Advent before.  But in my very limited knowledge, and what I’ve gathered from Ann’s book, it is about the coming of the Christ child.

Something has changed this year, this Christmas.  It is been made more clear, or I’m more aware, but the mystery of the humanity of Christ is just a little bit more apparent this year.

Jesus, the Son of God becaume a little bitty baby.  He gave up his divine nature to become a helpless baby.  (Philippians 2:7 “rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness”) 

He gave it up.  He gave up the splendor of Heaven.  He gave up equality with God.  He gave up being the creator of the world!  And why?

For me.  For you, for me, for him, for her.

So that he could be the Passover lamb, the sacrifice that brought us, brings me back into a relationship with God, so that I can live with him forever.

The wonderful mystery of Jesus Christ the Savior.



This post is part of Five Minute Fridays, a flash mob of writers that are connected over on Kate’s blog.  Today’s prompt word is Joy.  And I’m sorry.  There are so many place to connect Bible verses, but since it’s way past my bedtime, I’m too tired to do so tonight.  If you want them, let me know, and I’ll find them for you.

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  1. It’s breathtaking and amazing, isn’t it? I heard Todd White say this a couple of weeks ago and I can’t quit thinking on it: “The value on my life was determined by the cost that was paid for me. The cross isn’t just the revelation of my sin, it’s the revealing of my value. Something underneath of that sin must have been of great value for Heaven to go bankrupt to get me back.” All of Heaven went bankrupt… you just can’t get over that! xoxo

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