The perfect writing day

Chapter two of the book I am currently reading is on arranging your schedule, your workspace, your life in order to write.  The writing assignment is to spend ten minutes on describing my perfect writing day in as much detail as possible.  So here goes.

The alarm went off.  I got up, fed the animals, made a fresh cup of coffee.  Oh, that rich glorious smell!  I stumbled through my Bible reading and prayers, and then after finishing the last drop of my delicious hazelnut caramel concoction of black liquid nectar, I go take a refreshing warm shower.  This helps clean the last bit of sleep from my eyes.

Everything is ready.  The children are on a field trip, maybe to the zoo, maybe to a museum.  I’m not really sure, because I’m not focused on them today.  I’m focused on the words pouring from my fingers.

I sit at my antique round table.  There is Beethoven playing on Spotify.  There’s a star gazer lily candle burning.  Or maybe a vanilla scented.  Who knows?  Maybe even peppermint for the clarity of mind.  I have a glass of ice water ready for when I need liquid.  I have some carrots sitting in a bowl beside the water because I need to have a crunchy snack and those are the healthiest choice in my house right now.

The computer is turned on.  All of the processing issues have been recently cleared, so there is no lagging, no delays.

And I write.

The words flow and flow and flow.  They come pouring out of me like an avalanche.  I’ve been waiting for this day.  I’ve made notes and outlines.  I’ve jotted down idea after idea.  I’ve got a folder full of inspirational pictures.  It’s time for me to tell the story.

The phone rings.  I ignore it.  This is my time.

Facebook messenger dings at me.  I ignore it.

It dings again.  Well, I’ll look for a moment.  No!  No no no.  I have to ignore it.  This is my time to write.  So instead, I put all my electronics on do not disturb.  That should help.

Keep writing.  Oh!  What do I do with this plot point?  Wait.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  Maybe it’s time for a break.

But do NOT get on social media.  It will take all of your time away.  It will distract you and keep you from writing.

Instead, I will take one of the dogs on a walk around the block.  The crisp fall air feels brisk in my lungs.  The walk energizes my mind, and on my way home, I find the answer for the problem.  But of course, I can’t walk just one dog, I have to walk both.  Back around the block, I go.

And then, when I’ve returned, I sit down and start writing again.

And that is what my perfect writing day would look like.