Slowing Down

I know it seems like I’m slowing down in my writing.  After all, 31 days is a lot of writing.  But I’m really not.  I want to write a book, so my wonderful husband suggested pulling posts off this wonderful blog and turning them into this book.  Sort of like a practice book.  lol

So, I’ve been reading through Grateful Everyday, backwards.  Yesterday, I started putting the posts into a word document and expanding and adding to, and basically just seeing where I’m at and where I’ll need to get to.

So while it seems like I’m slowing down, please know, I’m not.  I’m really very busy.  🙂


STOP!!!  Before one more person “likes” this post, can you please tell me where you found it?  And why you are “liking” it?  I’m really confused as to why I have this much traffic on what amounts to a trash post.