FMF – Park

This post is part of both Five Minute Fridays (where we all join up at Kate’s blog to get a one word prompt and then write unedited for five minutes) and my Write 31 Days project (which is one month of one word prompts).  Today’s prompt is Park.


I’m sorry but the only thing I can think about when I hear the word park is that one time when Dale and I got busted for parking.

Okay, so let me back up.  It was either late 1996 or early 1997.  I don’t remember the exact date, but I do remember that we were already engaged.  There was a comet that was passing by (Hale-Bopp, I think).  We were out stargazing.  We were out in the middle of almost nowhere.

Well, of course, it was cold outside, and we were also *ahem* kissing quite a lot.  So the windows were steamy.

*Knock, Knock*  “Are you alright, do you need any assistance?”

Dale answered, “We’re fine officer.”

“Miss, are you alright?  Do you need anything?”

Of course, I was dying of embarrassment at that point.  “No thank you, officer.  We’re just fine.”

And that is the first and last time I ever parked!




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