31 Days – Weekend

This post is part of my series 31 Days of Simply Writing.  Every day for the month of October, I will be taking a one word prompt and writing for 5 minutes, similar to what I do for Five Minute Fridays.  Today’s word is Weekend.


This weekend, Dale and I are going to try to get away for a bit, just the two of us.  This weekend, I have to get up and go to training for the Presidential election.  But I don’t have to get up so early that the birds aren’t awake, and after I’ve taken care of my responsibilities, then I don’t have to worry about anything else.

The weekend is a time to stop and refresh from the hassles and the busyness of the week.  It’s a time to rest and reflect on God and his goodness.  Saturdays are the Sabbath in the Jewish culture.  Sundays are the Lord’s Day in Christendom.  It’s time to simply be.

And I need it.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so busy with festival and children and serving the church and …. well, I need the break.  I’ve been looking forward to this weekend with great anticipation.

I’m hoping that we can make it to Columbia to the Central MO Renaissance Festival.  After spending 7 weekends at KCRF, I sort of want to walk around as a patron.  But I doubt that will happen, so I’m really hoping we can just spend whatever time we have together as a couple.

Maybe I’ll let you know what happens, maybe I won’t.  But rest assured, I will be using this weekend to rest.




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