31 Days – Brew

This post is part of my series 31 Days of Simply Writing.  Every day for the month of October, I will be taking a one word prompt and writing for 5 minutes, similar to what I do for Five Minute Fridays.  Today’s word is Brew.


Ever since I first saw this prompt, I knew exactly what I needed to write about.  Cofffee.  I love coffee.  Not cheap black coffee, not the super designer coffee.  Just coffee.  With sugar, half and half, and maybe even hazelnut creamer.

I haven’t always been a coffee lover.  I used to drink mostly soda.  My … not boyfriend, but friend that was a boy introduced me to coffee in college.  The first cup had me bouncing off the walls for a half an hour.  The second cup didn’t phase me.

Then I started mixing the Folger’s cappucino mix with hot chocolate.  Then I graduated to Starbucks and their white chocolate mocha.

Then I discovered Gloria Jeans Hazelnut.  Then I found out that there is a company in KC that actually roasts their own coffee beans.  It’s called the Roasterie and their beans are absolutely wonderful.  Seriously, you must try them if you ever have the chance.

The long and the short of it (because I only have 45 seconds left) is that brewing a good quality cup of coffee is a wonderful joy first thing in the morning.  Won’t you join me for a cup?





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