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I had such plans. Dale was going to take Little Bit to her robotics meeting, Boo is on a date, and poor Princess isn’t feeling well. I was going to stay home and join the Five Minute Friday Party, and work on my posts for Write 31 days. (Sshhh! Don’t tell, But I pre-write some of them.)

Only now, Dale isn’t feeling well, so guess who is at the robotics meeting remembering EXACTLY why I didn’t go into education? *sigh*

But the party still goes on, and even on an iPad that takes me a lot longer to type on, I can still participate.

Here’s my standard, this is part of Five Minute Fridays where we get a prompt from Kate and write for 5 minutes straight, no editing, no backtracking, just writing. Tonight’s word is Collect.

And GO:

What do you collect?  I collect Shopkins, Tsum Tsums, Minions, Candles, Butterflies, Christmas Village houses, dancing Santa Claus, pictures, movies, music, shoes and jewelry, books.  I collect a lot of things.

Dale collects computers.  Boo collects owls.  Princess collects traffic cones.  (Don’t ask.)  Little Bit collects stuffed animals.

We all have a collection of sorts.

Do you know what God collects?  Tears.

You keep track of all my sorrows.[a]
    You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
    You have recorded each one in your book.

Psalm 56:8 (New Living Translation)

God loves us so much, that he sees every tear that falls and He puts it in a bottle.  He cares for us enough to record every sorrow he sees.

Or every joy.  Or every fear.

What does God collect?  He collects us and our feelings.  He loves us.

Oh yeah.  We also collect Bibles.



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  1. I almost wrote about God collecting our tears, but God led me in a different direction tonight. I collect nativity scenes myself. Ooh and no worries. I know several who prewrite their 31 days posts. It makes it less crazy. I’m over in the 11 spot….just a few ahead of you.

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