We Need to Rethink Bible Study [A Challenge to Move from Milk to Meat]

Her Life, His Way

I never used to feel there was any problem with the way the Bible was approached in women’s circles. Maybe I was too busy enjoying the laughter, Lipton tea and Tim Tam biscuits to notice. The fellowship was great, the message seemed good enough, and I was spending time in the Word like a good Christian. I never questioned it. It was what I had always done, and it seemed good enough.

Then, everything changed.

Whereas previously I had relied on Sundays, ladies’ classes, and women’s devotional books to fuel my faith, during my time at Bible College I was steeped in the Word day in and day out. I discovered for the first time the joy of delving deep into it and soaking up all its depth and richness.

Then, some time after attending Bible College, I attended a ladies’ class where they were using a certain lady’s devotional book…

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