An interesting thing happened today.

Today.  My daddy passed away a year ago today.  (I thought it was yesterday, but it was actually today.)  My life is not the same.  There’s just no way it could be.  I’m not an “orphan,” but I have felt the loss of my parents deeply.
This morning, as I was in the church library, I was organizing the Bibles into different translations.  King James over here, NIV over here, New Testament over here, New Testament with notes over here.
I looked down at one of the two copies of the New Testament with notes, and realized it looked different, because it had a name written on the outside of it.  It had my dad’s name.
I couldn’t believe it, so I pulled it out, and opened it up.  Yes, that’s my daddy’s handwriting.  It’s got underlining, notes, and dates all throughout it.


Here’s the strange part:  I have no idea how my daddy’s Bible ended up in my church library.  Let me repeat that:  I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MY DAD’S BIBLE WAS IN MY CHURCH LIBRARY!
I’ve often “joked” about finding angel pennies and quarters that my momma has thrown to me.  If you don’t know the story about the angel pennies, I’ll tell it to you sometime.
But today was different.  It’s like Daddy said, “Pay attention and focus on what’s really important.  I still love you.  But this is what you need to remember.  I loved the Bible and God’s word.”
Most of his underlining is in 1 and 2 Corinthians.  I guess I’ll be reading that this week/month.
I know the saying is that God moves in mysterious ways.  I don’t know why or how this happened.  But I do know that it almost feels like a hug from my Daddy.
I’ll take it.

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