The Waiting Game

Today is a really weird bittersweet nostalgic day.

I’m currently waiting on the cast list of the 2016 Renaissance Festival to be published.  I’m waiting to find out if I’m “just” a character, or if I’ve been chosen for the mentoring position.

And while auditions and callbacks are 2 weeks earlier this year, it’s still bittersweet, because my daddy passed away the day of auditions last year, and the cast list was posted the day of the funeral.

So I’m waiting.  I’m waiting for the list, and I’m waiting for Heaven.

The year has been rough and hard.  It’s had good notes and bad notes, but it’s been a great year all around.  But I like to think that my daddy would be proud of everything I have done.

Okay, I’m so busy watching Facebook for the cast list, I can’t concentrate.  Back to waiting….



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