On being accountable and changing my life.

I’ve been debating on writing this post or not. It’s not pretty. It’s not fun. But for me, it’s necessary.

I have a problem. I love food.

I LOVE food.

So much that I have a weight problem.  I don’t even want to tell you how much. And last fall, I was told I have pre-diabetes.

I don’t want diabetes. Pre or other.

Last Spring, I joined a company called Plexus. Have you heard of them? Dale’s cousin’s wife started talking to me about them. It’s a health and wellness system. They are devoted to helping people feel better.

So how do they do that? They have several products that help. The original product is called Slim, and it was actually designed to help diabetics keep their blood sugars level. What started happening is that customers were reporting more energy, better sleep, and loss of sugar cravings.

They also have another couple of products that work together. Did you know that you have bacteria in your intestines? There’s good bacteria that helps you break down and absorb the nutrients in your food.

Except when you take an antibiotic, or birth control, you can kill that good bacteria and let the bad bacteria overwhelm your system. And it’s HARD to get rid of that bad bacteria. And it starts eating into your intestine and making “holes” and causing something called leaky gut syndrome.

So Plexus has BioCleanse that breaks the outer shell of that bad bacteria and helps you flush it out of your system. And ProBio5, which is a probiotic that floods your system with good bacteria.

So, what does this have to do with my food problem? Well, I joined Plexus to help with the sugar cravings. Maybe I joined trying to get a “magic pill.” Regardless, when I joined in March, I didn’t give it a fair shot.

I’m writing this post so that I can be accountable. It’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s hard to write about my short comings.

I have been drinking my “Pink Drink” (aka Slim) pretty regularly since the start of December.  I’ve been taking the BioCleanse pretty regularly since the middle of December.  I’ve run out of my ProBio5 early in December.

And you know what I’ve seen?  Without the ProBio5, my allergies seem more severe.  With the BioCleanse, I don’t crave soda, but I do crave salt.  But also, the cold that I had forever (or at least most of December) finally seems to have cleared up.

Plexus is not a magic pill.  You still have to do the work (sometimes hard work) of eating right and exercising.

With that in mind, I’m going to post my measurements here.  This is where it gets ugly.  I’m going to keep them up, because I want this to be my “before” post.  Before I got serious about my health.  Before I took Plexus on a regular basis.  I (mostly) don’t care about losing weight, but I do care that I remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Here goes nothing:

  • Chest  47″
  • Bicep 14.5″
  • Forearm 11.5″
  • Waist 51″
  • Hips 50.5″ (5″ below BB)
  • Thigh 24″
  • Calf 18″

So there it is.  In all it’s ugly glory.  I’ve just scheduled a reminder for a follow up post on Feb. 8.  I’m walking the mall twice a week with a friend from the Renaissance Festival.  And I’m trying not to drink sodas.  We’ll see what happens and where I’m at on February 8.

I have to change.  I don’t want my children’s children to end up without their grandmother.  And yes, I know I’m not even 40, but if I don’t act now, I won’t be able to do it later.

For now, I’ll try.


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Oh, and don’t worry.  I won’t become a crazy sales person.  This blog won’t become Plexus centered.  I’m not going to push this on anyone.  But I am going to report in.  I am going to talk about the benefits I see.  If you’re interested, we can talk.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Also, the Plexus links on this page go to my website, where I make commission off of any orders.  If you want to order products, but not from me, I can direct you to any number of people where I won’t make any money.


2 thoughts on “On being accountable and changing my life.

  1. you do what you need to do lady. I’ve been seeing my homeopath again. Found out I’m also on that spectrum but I also have a parasite (yes, isn’t that fun?) and “abundant” e coli (no not the food poisoning kind, the kind that comes from antibiotics). Going on a 2 month regiment to clear up the parasite and praying it will take care of the other issues too.


    • I’m learning so much. The BioCleanse has helped get rid of all the icky stuff in my system. But I learned this weekend that it could take as much as 6 months to get that balance back.

      2016. The year of change and focus on being healthy.


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