Happy Holidays

Truthfully, the title of this post should probably be Happy Holi-daze.  I have been sick for what feels like most of December.  It’s mainly a head cold, but it’s moved into my chest now.  It’s wearing me out.

But I want to finish 2015 on a strong note.  It’s been such a busy crazy brave year.  So today and tomorrow and Thursday, I’m going to be working on my Joy Dare, my gratitude list, my #1000Gifts and the reason behind this blog.  I’m also hoping to make a book list of all the books I would like to read during 2016.

Without further ado, the rest of my Joy Dare.

Nov. 16: 3 gifts hard eucharisteo

  1. Holidays without extended family. 1059
  2. I miss my mom and dad. 1060
  3. Being what amounts to a foster parent for Princess. 1061

Nov. 17: 3 gifts of laughter

  1. Little Bit is full of joy and humor. 1062
  2. Princess makes me laugh as well. 1063
  3. Giggle fests and giggle fits. 1064

Nov. 18: a gift made, shared, passed on

  1. Little Bit’s pictures and stories and coupons. 1065
  2. Amber’s piano  1066
  3. Piano cover from Turkey  1067

Nov. 19: 3 gifts autumn

  1. Cool, but not cold  1068
  2. All the colors  1069
  3. Soup season.  1070

Nov. 20: 3 gifts of traditions

  1. Strawberry Salad  1071
  2. The Pilgrim dolls  1072
  3. Christmas crackers, or poppers.  This is a new tradition for us, but it’s quite fun.  1073

Nov. 21: 3 gifts family

  1. Hugs  1074
  2. More love than “typical families today” (Thanks Boo.)  1075
  3. Fun and togetherness.  1076
Nov. 22: a gift grateful
  1. Princess has been more than grateful for every little thing we help her with or give to her.  May I remember to be this grateful in all things.  1077
  2. A dog with a new bone.  Silly I know.  1078
  3. Time with Dale, even playing on a silly game.  1079

Nov. 23: 3 gifts only in Christ

  1. Salvation  1080
  2. Nearness to God  1081
  3. An adjusted point of view.  1082

Nov. 24: 3 gifts humble

  1. Dale is one of the most humble people I know.  1083
  2. My mother’s role as a secretary.  I don’t think she was ever fully aware of how important and valuable she was.  1084
  3. Our house.  It’s not a great big, rich and fancy house.  But it’s ours.  It’s home.  1085

Nov. 25: 3 gifts ugly-beautiful

  1. Boundaries  1086
  2. Foster homes.  The need for them is very ugly.  The sacrifice of those who run them is beautiful.  1087
  3. Scratches on the wood.  On the floor, on the table, on the piano.  Every one has a story.  They aren’t pretty.  But they are valuable reminders.  1088

Nov. 26: 3 gifts preparing

  1. Preparing my children’s schoolwork for the week.  1089
  2. Preparing my children for college.  1090
  3. Preparing supper for my family  1091

Nov. 27: A gift handmade, held, happy

  1. The quilt we made for Dale.  Lots of memories in that quilt.  1092
  2. The new born babies at church.  1093
  3. Every time I can walk outside and take beautiful pictures, I feel happy.  It’s such a precious gift.  1094

Nov. 28: 3 gifts in community

  1. Family  1095
  2. Friends  1096
  3. A feeling of home  1097

Nov. 29: 3 gifts red

  1. A red scarf  1098
  2. Red mittens  1099
  3. The Cardinal quilt  1100  (This is the quilt pictured in the header for this post.)

Nov. 30: 3 gifts astonishing

  1. My grandfather’s preparations.  1101
  2. My camera.  1102
  3. The fact that my sister and I are talking, and value a relationship above being “right.” We came to a good spot this weekend and it feels astonishing.  1103

That’s it for today.  I’ll have to see if I can do this crazy amount again tomorrow.  Have a good night, and remember to be grateful.