I’m tired

My gosh, I’m tired.  Between staying up late with Princess and Boo, and getting slightly sick, I’m just plain tired.  Everyone came home from Thanksgiving with a little bit of a cold.

But apparently Boo had it a little bit worse.  We had to go to urgent care on Monday because she was dehydrated, pale, shaky, vomiting, and just in a really bad way.  She hasn’t scared me often, but she did on Monday.

Okay, so where am I?

Nov 11: 3 gifts of remembrance

  1. Gone with the wind. 1044
  2. My mantle clock.  1045
  3. Memories on the tree.  1046

Nov 12: 3 gifts at noon

  1. Time to pause. 1047
  2. Nourishment. 1048
  3. Sunshine. 1049

Nov 13: 3 gifts behind a door

  1. Blessings for Christmas. 1050
  2. Food in my pantry. 1051
  3. Visitors to my home. 1052

Nov 14: 3 gifts silent

  1. Early morning reflections. 1053
  2. Late night musings. 1054
  3. Snuggles and cuddles. 1055

Nov 15: 3 gifts golden

  1. Dale. Our marriage is in a good place.  It’s golden.  1056
  2. The autumn sun light.  1057
  3. Ooey gooey caramel.  1058

Okay, tonight is the Five Minute Friday party over on Twitter.  If you haven’t read about Five Minute Fridays, go ahead and see what it’s all about.  I’ll be back later tonight to try to do some more writing.  Have a good day everyone.