Life is so busy right now.

Sorry.  I forgot to write again.  We got home from our trip, and the week has been filled with laundry, stove, cleaning, being sick, and Christmas decorations.

The new stove arrived today.  It’s pretty.  It’s already cooked a batch of brownies and a thing of ribs.  Yummy.  We’re going to make cookies and casserole tomorrow.  I’m very happy right now.

Princess got a part in the winter play at school.  She is a very busy young lady with school and work and theater and church.  She is busy, and tired.  I’m worried she will wear herself out.  As it is, she’s now sick.

Boo and Little Bit are working hard on their school work.  They are supposed to be in charge of planning their lessons out, but we’ll see how well that goes.  We’re almost finished with several school books.  Time to look for the next round!

On to the Joy Dare.

November 1: 3 gifts eaten. (1013)

  1. Thanksgiving Ham. 1013
  2. Strawberry Salad. 1014
  3. Really, just the fact that I can cook without a stove.  We didn’t starve during the past month.  I just wasn’t able to cook everything I wanted.  But the house, the fridge, the electric skillet and the single burner hot plate thing….  I can cook without a stove.   (1015).
  4. But now I have a new stove to be thankful for as well.  (1016)

November 2: 3 gifts worn

  1. My wedding ring. 1017
  2. My wedding dress. 1018
  3. A warm coat. 1019

November 3: 3 gifts that start with N

  1. Names. That is the first gift I ever received.  1020
  2. Nurses.  Anyone who has spent anytime in a hospital knows how special they are.  1021
  3. Noses.  Without our noses, we can’t taste food as well.  We can’t smell beautiful things like roses.  1022

November 4: A gift gathered, given, good

  1. I love gathering my friends together.  1023
  2. I gave a coat to someone.  I don’t really want to explain, but that’s what comes to mind.  1024
  3. Letters from Hadija, the child we sponsor through Compassion.  1025


November 5: 3 gifts acorn-small

  1. Butterfly kisses. 1026
  2. Angel stones. 1027
  3. Angel pennies (and quarters and dimes).  1028

Okay….  This one is finished.  Time to go on to the next set.