Time to go home

It’s time to go home.  It’s been a good trip.  I’ve actually enjoyed myself more than I thought, even though I miss my daddy quite a bit.  It has been different, of course, but we’ve made some new memories, I think.

The wise thing to do would be to crawl into the hotel bed beside Dale.  That would be smart.  I should be asleep right now.  I’m so tired, I’m having trouble concentrating.

But what am I doing?  Playing Candy Crush Soda Saga, and typing out my gratitude list for the day.

[eta: Nope, exhaustion won. I’ll try to finish tomorrow.]

October 26: 3 gifts extravagant

  1. Vacation and time together.  996
  2. A new stove.  Not wanted, but needed, and happy to get what I want.  997
  3. My camera.  I’m so very thankful for it.  998

October 27: A gift humbling, honoring, happy

  1. Being able to take Princess into our home.  999
  2. Just being able to talk about my mom.  1000
  3. Gift number 1000!  Being able to reach this number with gratitude makes me happy.  1001

October 28: 3 gifts in Christ

  1. Peace. 1002
  2. A family. 1003
  3. Awe and wonder. 1004

October 29: 3 gifts on time

  1. Healing. 1005
  2. Prayers. 1006
  3. Insurance checks. 1007

October 30: 3 gifts overjoyed!

  1. The birth of Boo.  1008
  2. The birth of Little Bit.  1009
  3. Being married to Dale.  1010

October 31: 3 gifts hallowed – I looked up the definition.  Hallowed means worthy of religious veneration.

  1. The Bible.  1011
  2. Jesus. 1012
  3. God.  1013

We’re headed to the Parthenon in Nashville today and then going to start heading home.  I’m hoping that we can go up into the St. Louis Arch tomorrow, but if not, maybe we can swing by the Zoo to see the penguins and butterflies.  I think it will be a good field trip for my two homeschoolers and fun for my public school student, too.

Happy holidays!



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