Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from my table to yours.  Here’s some more days of the Joy Dare.  I’m catching up.  😉

October 21: 3 gifts undervalued

  1. Making memories as a kid.  You never realize how important memories can be until you make them and grow up.  979
  2. Health.  You never value your health as much until it’s threatened.  980
  3. Hearing.  As someone who is losing the clarity of my hearing, this is a gift I appreciate more.  981

October 22: a gift silent, still, strong

  1. Squishy pillows calling my name.  982
  2. Late nights with teenage girls. 983
  3. A mother’s love. 984

October 23: 3 gifts begun

  1. Gone with the Wind.  The book, not the movie.  A gift from an adopted grandmother.   985
  2. Photography class. 986
  3. Daddy’s book and ideas. 987

October 24: 3 gifts accomplished

  1. Les Miserable. 988
  2. My Granny Square afghan. 989
  3. The VIP quilt  990
  4. Performing in the Renaissance Festival. 991

October 25: 3 gifts enjoying

  1. Family time. 992
  2. Cuddles with Little Bit. 993
  3. Watching Skye cuddle with Princess.  994
  4. Growing teenagers. 995

I have 5 more gratitudes to give before I reach my goal of #1000Gifts in a year.  I’m pretty sure I can do it.  I wonder what number I’ll reach at the end of the year.