Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

You might could say that Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday for being Grateful Everyday.  I look forward to it every year:  the turkey, the pies, the family, the memories.

I love Thanksgiving.

We are currently in a hotel west of St. Louis on a road trip to Nashville.  We’re taking the girls to go see Grandma Lynn.  This is the first holiday together since my dad passed away.  It will be hard, but worth it.

October 16: 3 gifts burning

  1. The fire pit.  We don’t use it very much, but I like it.  964
  2. Roasting marshmallows. 965
  3. Stargazer Lily candles from Yankee Candle Company.  They are my favorite smell ever, but they were discontinued.  They only come back occasionally.  966

October 17: 3 gifts ugly-beautiful

  1. Driving.  I like visiting.  I don’t like getting there.  967
  2. Discipline.  968
  3. The gift of singing to my mother as she was in her last moments.  969

October 18: A gift shared, saved, surrendered

  1. Strawberry Salad.  My favorite Thanksgiving side dish.  I’ll post the recipe later.  970
  2. My stuffed dog, Tim.   971
  3. My hair.  I surrendered my pony tail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  I don’t remember if it was last year or two years ago, but it made my heart glad to be able to have hair long enough to donate.  972

October 19: 3 gifts unexpected

  1. Princess was a gift I wasn’t expecting, but one I am thankful for.  I’m glad I get the honor of helping her have a “normal” family.  973
  2. My pen from Dale.  He gave me a pen inscribed with a phrase that has meant a lot to us through the years.  974
  3. My engagement ring.  975

October 20: 3 gifts unconventional

  1. Lego sets.  We had trouble purchasing Christmas gifts last year.  We waited until after the holidays and decided to purchase a large set of Legos for each of us.  Then we sat around the table and worked on them as a family for about 3 hours.  It was one of the best times we’ve ever had.  976
  2. It’s weird, but finding a box of Daddy’s notepads was a great gift to have.  I was surprised at how many family took one or two or a stack.  977
  3. My camera.  I am finally at a point that I can learn about photography and I have a good camera to use.  I am thankful.  978

Okay.  Time to get off, and spend time with family.  Have a great Thanksgiving.  🙂  Eat turkey for me, because Lynn is fixing ham.