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Day 2 of trying to catch up on the Joy Dare.

October 6: 3 gifts redeemed

  1. Me.  Jesus has redeemed my life, and I am grateful.  934
  2. My gratitude journal.  It was pointed out to me this weekend how vital a part of my life it truly is.  935
  3. My marriage.  There was a time it was in jeopardy, but we’ve struggled through and prayed and God has brought us through it together.  936

October 7: a gift baked, stirred, eaten

  1. Cookies.  We plan on making cookies for the firemen that helped my girls.  937
  2. Coffee with friends.  938
  3. Potluck at church.  939

October 8: 3 gifts prayed for

  1. A third child.  940
  2. Healing for my parents.  941
  3. Better working conditions for Dale.  942

October 9: 3 gifts praised for

  1. Flowers.  943
  2. Fresh baked bread.  944
  3. Beautiful sunsets.  945

October 10: 3 hard eucharisteo

  1. This fire, the soot, the cleaning.  It’s been hard, but needed.  946
  2. Receiving a pre-diabetic diagnosis.  I’m having to reevaluate everything I do and eat.  947
  3. Visiting a step parent for the grandchildren, not myself or my parent.  948

I’m pretty tired.  I’m going to do my best to get all my gratitude in, but we’re going to be traveling soon.   It’s the season of Thanksgiving.  My favorite season.  🙂