Back to gratitudes

It’s time for me to get back to the purpose of this blog.  While writing about the Renaissance Festival has been fun, I want to get back to being thankful, being grateful everyday.

That being said, I’ve got quite a bit to catch up on.  53 days to be precise.  So…. I’m going to try to average 5 days at a time until I’ve caught up with myself.  Okay?

Okay.  So, let’s get started.

October 1: 3 gifts orange

  1. Oranges  919
  2. Fall leaves  920
  3. Candy Corn – it brings back memories of my mom.  921

October 2: 3 gifts falling

  1. Leaves on the trees. 922
  2. The first snow. 923
  3. The price of gas is falling.  (Technically, it’s November 22, and gas is $1.79). 924

October 3: a gift caught, let go, mid-way

  1. I caught the gift of writing from my dad.  925
  2. The dream of having another baby. That has freed me up to open my heart to Princess.  926
  3. Patience.  I’m working on it.  927

October 4: 3 gifts reaped – To reap means to gather, to harvest, to glean

  1. Princess.  We’ve adopted a new member of our family.  She is a gift and a blessing.  928
  2. Understanding.  Every time I read the Bible, every time I read God’s word, I glean another kernel of understanding.  929
  3. Recipes.  I’ve been reaping recipes that you don’t have to cook in the oven.  930

October 5: 3 gifts returned

  1. Stress – Good stress, bad stress.  I’m giving it back.  931
  2. My sister’s piano.  Well, it hasn’t been returned yet, but it will be.  And it was such a gift that she loaned it to us.  932
  3. Sympathy.  I don’t like having sympathy for myself, but I will return it when it is needed.  933

Okay, that’s enough for tonight.  I’ll try and do 5 more tomorrow.  🙂  Until then.